Give it a smile

The smile is reflecting ma personality towards the life. To me, it is an innocent feedback and a reflection of peacefulness and soul relaxation from inside to outside. It is playing a big role on our daily life, and it could bring the moode up at any event, any place and any time… we really in need of it cus the life became a day after a day full with routines and bad news. Some ppl are making money out of bringing smiles to others, others do it for free, and of course I love the others, lol.

الثلاثاء، أكتوبر 25، 2005

Oman, the 'least' Corrupt among Arab's

Really, for me, I don’t accurately know what Omanis has in their perception about the government when it comes to a question where Oman is standing in term of financial management, and how much corruption, but I’m suspecting that normal puplic and especially the un educated ones will pointed out that the corruption is spreading every where including both puplic and private sector. I can’t blame them all because the information system here was not much transparent or lets say wasn’t have enough effort in reporting some critical issues like tenders budgets, the projects costs till recently, where the Establishment of the National financial Audit Bureau and the Tender Board have been positive steps taken by Oman in achieving this transparency.

So this news of the report showing that Oman coming first of the ‘least’ financial corrupted arabian country, have made my day and allowed me to have a nice long breath.

As per Oman times:

“The Sultanate is the least corrupt Arab nation, according to a report prepared by the London-based Transparency International. Oman got 6.3 points on a scale of 10 in the Global Corruption Report 2005 released by TI yesterday. The UAE, which scored 6.2 points, is placed second less corrupt Arab nation, followed by Qatar, Bahrain and Jordan. “,
and some more about bahrain score on:

I’m not “too much ” concern about the statistics and figures outcame in the report, but I really appreciate the general outcomes of it.

Watching al-Jazeera program, there were discussion about how transparent this report, and it shows very remarkeable independent institutes and interntainal universities were involved in conducting the survey and establishing the report.

So Well, the news came at a fantastic timing, while Omanis heading to celebrate their 35th universary of the develovment and rauinssance era.

Why this important ?

- Create more the attractiveness, throughout the international reputation, for the foreign investors and big companies to come to Oman .
- More stability in the economical system, and encouragement of making more effort in terms of project planning.
- People on street will show more harmonization with laws and policies adopted in order to control the financial system.

And as reports, says ‘Leaders must go beyond lip service and make good on their promises to provide the commitment and resources to improve governance, transparency and accountability,

So big thanks to his Majesty for all what he has done to keep the development in Oman going in the right way….and for all the citizens whom working day and night to serve their country.

الأحد، أكتوبر 23، 2005

In mood of writing…!

Yeah, nothing to do with our empty quarter shown on the right…it just focus, concentration and no laziness...that’s what i’m missing these days… hell, having dozens of news and stories a day.. and still can’t type them down.. Should I be under punishment ?

what should I do .. well, to be more creative .. I will start putting some titles down and then i will see through my blog visitors recommendation, of which ones bring their attention and so I can post about them first.. ..

also as a second idea is posting in Arabic....but this one in not in very soon..

so here is some titles:

- Among Arabian countries, Oman came the first of less financial corruption country, and it came 28 internationally..

- Oman parachute team (free fall and the goal team) good achievement around the world..

- My latest visit to the lovely Kuala lumpur ( truly Asia)

- Me going to Huston to receive an Award.! .lets be proud of Omani team work..

- Renewing my dear car

- Crazy ideas to let trees in my house fast grow..

- What I see in Ramadhan…

- Me and the Jewish lady

- What I’m reading at the moment…

So any one …!!

الثلاثاء، أكتوبر 11، 2005

Please press my button on Religious mode: Its Ramadhan

The sarcastic cartoon u see on left is from Al-watan newspaper made by Badria Al-Rahbi. Its well explaining much of the reality of what we see in Ramadhan..
As muslims, we all like to do better deeds in Ramadhan, and be as close as possible to Alla knowing the big rewards where the good deed multiply by 70 times than in other months. But and always but, when ppl starts going 180 degrees from there natural behaviour prior Ramadhan, then this brings the confusion of the understanding of the whole concept.
See, the guy one day before Ramadhan drinking alcohol, his cigarette can’t miss his lips, his tongue cant miss digging inside the dignity of other ppl, his blue-tooth is full with blue-green-red clips, and he has no minimum commitment to work, and top of that he can’t remember the direction of the closest mosque !
As the great Ramadhan came in, then the miracle happens and some kind of a switch over button was pressed on the same type of this guy. U can see him the first one coming to mosque (that's why we don’t really find most of the times, a place to pray in Ramadhan). His beard is free to go bottom, his ‘misba7’ is locked to his hands. When this happens, it is sending a bad message of how the muslim behaviour changing due to the circumstances and setting a bad example to young ones.

Why we don’t try to be close to balance, and why we try to act as a wave, going ups and down with no constant well known behaviour.

Well, I know Ramdhan is a very good chance to quit the bad habits and seek the forgiveness, but at the same time we also should seek the quitting commitment after Ramdhan. The God can guide anyone back to straight path and this can can happen in ramadhan and in all other months as well.

For me, I think I need a big effort to become a good muslim so I wish and I pray that can happen anytime, not only in Ramdhan. W ramadhankum kareem

الاثنين، أكتوبر 10، 2005

When the plate of rice combines the capitalism and the communism

For me, a simple definition for difference between them, that in communism every body will be awarded in the same, where in capitalism the award is as per the level of obligations and responsibilities.

Now having lunch with ma family, we always gather as guys on one big rounded plate of rice having the main course as meat/chicken or fish on top of rice and start eating and do chatting meanwhile asking about each others and getting the update of daily life..

When I moved to the university, I started taking lunch in the university restaurants, where they were providing each of us an independent plate, and later we gather with friends only at table, so there where no share on the same plate.

When my first thought about this , and believe me I dunno why I thought about it, previously I was thinking that the big plate of rice at home is closer to communism system where is more sharing at the that particular plate and the independency was more in the university smaller plates.

But hell when I re-think about it again and again, I discover ‘ in my mind’ that the big plate of rice is more closer to the capitalism, why:
Because when I see how some of my brothers is eating ‘ Masha allah ‘ doesn’t seem the they getting the same reward, I mean in a bigger plate u can eat as much as possible if u have the capability and u have the spare tank in your stomach.

This one example of me looking to things from different angles as I’m growing..

But why I thought about the plate of rice in particular.maan its Ramadaan…. W ramadhankum kareem

الثلاثاء، أكتوبر 04، 2005

Its Ramadhan..

When I was about 10-15 ys, and I remember Ramadhan , then really I got to feel how I was well connected to it .

During that time, I used to go with ma little brothers and sisters to collect fallen dates from a jungle of palm trees, if I recall that it was in summer. It was Ramadhan and summer, it was in mid June where the heat at its maximum. I still can remember how much we were competing each other to collect these dates in big plastic pockets or some thick paper ‘cartoons’ and carried on our heads for 3 kms back to home.

When I say it was jungle of palm tree, I mean it , cus u can expect anything from snakes, scorpions and attacking dogs, and something we called ‘ bu rawal ‘that sloth which if it catch u , u could say bye to ur life.

But it was exciting for us to be together, and in trying to make the time pass and trying to make the place and the scene looked as not terrifying as it was, we been singing all time, I remember taking piece of the plam tree branch and simulate it as an Oud or guitar and start playing some rhythm and others boys and girls sang behind.

When we back home with dates, we combined all amount and placed it on the roof of the house in order to get the sun drying it and after awhile we had to packed in bags of rice’s making what called ‘grabs’. The fallen dates used later for animal’s food.

Coming back home at that time, we came as much hungry, tired and full of mud and dirt. On top of that we have to fast !! oh my God. I remember we have to take showers and then we take our bed sheets and put them in water to make them cold and wet, and have little sleep prior ‘iftaar ‘ the fast break’

It was tough days but when I re-think about them , I know that I have learned a lot from that experience , I learn patience, working in tough environment, team work, planning , and I learned how beautiful the reward when u get it after tough effort.

How much reward had been given, it was 0.5 rial on the first day of Eid !

Ramadhan kareem