Give it a smile

The smile is reflecting ma personality towards the life. To me, it is an innocent feedback and a reflection of peacefulness and soul relaxation from inside to outside. It is playing a big role on our daily life, and it could bring the moode up at any event, any place and any time… we really in need of it cus the life became a day after a day full with routines and bad news. Some ppl are making money out of bringing smiles to others, others do it for free, and of course I love the others, lol.

الاثنين، نوفمبر 14، 2005

‘ Me” the BOSS..

Still ppl think I had little of humourity .. ooh by the way, please forgive my wording ‘ humourity’ but heey u know what I’m famous of using weird ‘ fit for purpose’ words even those do not exist in the dictionary, which reminds me with when I was in Holland for a course, using word like ‘ famousity’ as nown for a famous, and other guys enjoyed it and started using it freely all over the course..

For the last 4 weeks I was standing for my boss..and believe me standing for the boss here is not quit a good funnnn ..its a good experience and it set u for challenge yaah, but it stole most of the time from u especially if u keep doing your job as well at the same time..

With your colleagues, now u r the boss and so u need to run the show as it suppose to be .. and at the same time u still wana keep the little sense of humour ‘on’ cus that’s in your blood or let say in your nature.. so u should put in your mind to set the borders between the ‘ seriousity’ and the jokinity’ where by doing so, u not loosing your measures as a leader and not loosing your ‘ humourity” at the same time…

There is hell of things u could do with the ‘ new chair’ a chance to clear some old accounts with some colleagues squeezing some balls as a strategy when u have the power ..and who minds the power anyway..

For me it wasn’t all the case.. I’m not the type of people whom looking for chairs to act with a serious look and set orders that I’m not fully aware of its consequences .. I would rather skilled ma self with enough knowledge and grasp as much experience in my field and then the ‘chair ‘ will search for me .i wana ma decisions to be supported by enough knowledge and justification, plus some jokes too..

Any way I was calling ma self a’ spare tyre’ when ma colleague started calling me Boss ‘ lol I know that will be a temporary boss’…shit some started even calling me Shaikh as well .. well its too funny to be the boss sometime .. lol how much ppl changing out to treat u so well within no time and how much sudden respect u gain,. how much free service full coffee cups u offered all the time..

Yalla who cares lets live it for a while…

Ooh my God, the origin boss is arriving at the door …. Now, me and the collegues all rushing to receive him

We all in one voice : “ Good morning Shaaaaaaaikh .. wana cup of coffee..’
Now every one alone shouting: “ Its hot boss I I I I I I I I I I I I I have make it just now ‘

and life continue