Give it a smile

The smile is reflecting ma personality towards the life. To me, it is an innocent feedback and a reflection of peacefulness and soul relaxation from inside to outside. It is playing a big role on our daily life, and it could bring the moode up at any event, any place and any time… we really in need of it cus the life became a day after a day full with routines and bad news. Some ppl are making money out of bringing smiles to others, others do it for free, and of course I love the others, lol.

السبت، ديسمبر 31، 2005

My friend, MOUSSY

Good memory with my friends moussy, during my bad times at exams stage, it was with me all the way.. I have done arabic poem for it. I have recognized it as relaxing, mood enhancing and more sophisticated than the soft carbonated soft drinks.
It is a non alcoholic beer ‘ sha3eer’ with variety of different flavors were u can share good times ' as well' with ur friends.
On those exam days, I used to join ma friends with my bottle, some of my friend hate the smell and the r thinking its alcoholic, so we keep teasing them while revising for the exam , lol I kept coming everyday with a different flavor..till we passed the exam.. thanks god we all passed …

السبت، ديسمبر 10، 2005

Knock your car and save a cat..

December, January and little of February are considered to be the cold months in Oman. Even for some west foreigners, they got to feel our cold more than at their home. They think almost same as our elders and both express the strength of our cold by saying that ‘our cold hit the bone directly’.

Is it that right ?, I mean ‘cold hitting the bone and bypass the skin senses .. I dunno but I feel that our bodies are more adapted to warm and hot weather since having + 6 months of ‘hot’ and that due to our proximity to Equator climate. And this supported with facts that when the change to this cold season take place, most of us go to hospital to take three famous doctors meals ‘ caough , flew and bala3eeem’

What this has to do with Cats….

Cats in Oman feel this Dec-Feb cold too, and what the have to do about it ? . Either they found a warm shelter at night.. or they must be smarter and find something easy and practical..

Watch out, at night, cats escape from cold and they come to hide beneath your car engine or inside the engine's fan...

On a week days, u wake up around 6:00 o'clock in the morning, switching on ur car engine and u hear the weird’ Meeaaaw’ voice down your front cover, either the smart cat is lucky and survive or the fan of your engine crushed him…

Wht u think if prior putting ur key in, just knock on the car front cover…. Sub7an alla u might save an animal ..

الثلاثاء، ديسمبر 06، 2005

What a weird match: Oman Vs Syria ..

Welcome baaack

Lol what a ‘football’ match to be played in the current West Asian Olympic tournament in QATAR… Omani with a youth team supported with second generation of the first team players against the Syrian who almost at the same level but older in terms of player average age..

As per the schedule, this match to start on 15:45 on Thursday 1/12/05 in Al-Ghrarafa stadium ..

Omani team arrived on time and also the referee team… also the fans came in… oh someone missing .. yeah the Syrian team not yet came..

Everyone in stadium started worrying about where is the Syrian team ‘( Wa3ajbi)… after several calls they found that Syrian team has arrived to a different stadium which is 60 Km from the right stadium…

Normally and officially, the referee team has the right to wait for 15 min and go directly and announce the coming team winning by 2/0 .. but ‘people in charge’ asked Omani delegation for more patience and to wait 45 minute and Omani as normal ‘ very typical peaceful and polite “ accepted and wait..

After 45min, khalas, referee announced Oman wining 2/0..

At night time, Syrian delegation complained to “ people in charge’ and claimed that it wasn’t their mistake to go to the wrong Stadium…

Then whom is taking the fault ?… sure the poor driver .. in fact Syrian were right at that point cus they came out of their Hotel at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and were driven by ‘people in charge ‘ bus

Again ‘people in charge’ came to Omanis and negotiated that this match to be repeated since its not the Syrian mistake…for sure they were expecting a free trouble nice polite acceptance from Omanis ..

At Night, Omani delegation hasn’t accepted to play or not to play..’ even though their was an announcement that the Match will played night time that evening” were we have been stuck in front of TV to watch this terrible match

But in next morning, Friday (2/12) Omani offered different options:

- Play the game where it can’t affect the Omani schedule next match against that means Saturday
- Delay the match till end and once Oman finished with Bahrain ( the 3rd team in the group)
- Not to play.. since Oman has a strong position of 'not to play'

Guess what ‘ people in charge’ decided on their own without Omani agreement to play on Friday night at 9:30 PM.

Again we have delayed our work ,came to sat for the match on TV , hehehe ..Syrian team and referee came in and guess what .. Omani team did not show up… haha “ wa7da b wa7da’..ya3ni one by one..

After several calls with Omanis, Omanis claimed that they didn’t accept the play on that day as it wasn’t one of there proffered options they have sent earlier..

OHOOOh .. Again the match got delayed…. And both Syrian and Omani agreed to play on next day on the 3/12 was not a preferable choice for the Syrian to play tom games in a row but they have to live with it…


Finally, 3/12/05 came in and the time came.. as a surprise both teams cam in this time ‘ Masha allaaah’

Match started and Oman able to score first after 30min on first half. After only 7 minutes, a Syrian player kick a strong ball towards the omani goal .. the ball went and hit the right bar ( angle) and the it went 90 deg to the left bar without entering the goal …and caught by the goalkeeper

Guess what ..!! the referee announce a goal !!, we all surprised it was a very clear view that it wasn’t a goal… bas yalla we typical polite Omanis say ‘ alla ysam7u ‘

So after the draw with unfair goal , the 1st half over…

On second half.. while Syrian striker was going with the ball he clearly hit himself in the Omani defender leg… Guess what ?? Instead of issuing a yellow card for the striker that made a trick on the referred, the referee gifted him with a penalty against Oman..

Syrian played the unfair penalty and scored out of it…resulting in 2/1 … I really couldn’t stand what’s going on…

After a while, with most Omani players psychological mode going down, our defender kick the ball inside our goal….HOllaayy..

It was 3/1 at the end .. the referee finished his mission possible with a good smile on his face and shared that with “people in charge’….

Mabroooooooooooook to Syria …

This shows how bad when some one ‘ people in charge’ not managing their tournament professionally and exposed problems to the sport rather than improving it to level were every one feel the good achievement…